Friday, 31 May 2013


Writing is a demanding and emotional drain. Most authors write because they are passionate about what they do. And also because they want to reach out to the world by expressing what is on the inside of them. Many authors write out of stolen hours as they have jobs.

What many writers practice here in Nigeria, falls short of publishing. What they call publishing in this part of the world is actually Print On Demand (POD). Where an author takes his work to a printer and he prints out whatever the author gives him. He is not concerned with the editing, the design of the cover page, the marketing and distribution. He is just a printer, doing as he is meant to; print and return to the writer.  A publisher is like a record label who sees the potential of an author. He goes ahead to sign this author and gives him a publishing contract. The company's team of editors edit this manuscript so it can be presented in any part of the world. They bring the best out of this authors work without loosing the message. The publishers team designs the cover page and if there is a need to change the title of the book this would be suggested to the author. This is because the title of a book and the cover page are as important as the content of that book. When a reader goes to a book store the first thing that catches his attention is the cover page and the book title.

The company's publicist creates the necessary buzz about this book before it comes out. So expectations are high. He eventually positions the book. The company distributes the authors work to various distribution stores around the world. They organise book tours, book signings, interviews on television and radio stations. The authors job is to bring out very good materials. Sadly enough a lot of talented and creative authors are yet to be discovered or published in the right way in Nigeria. No one is helping them become all that they can be. They have not been given the opportunity and voice that is needed to share their message and creativity to the world.

The major publishing houses who have the potential to do this in Nigeria and I dare say Africa focus mainly on educational books. These educational books are guided by government curriculum and this sometimes, stifles creativity. Believe me, we have people as good as John Grisham, Danielle Steel, Sidney Sheldon, Francine Rivers, Stephen King, J.K. Rowlings(Harry Porter), Tim LaHaYe, Jerry B Jenkins(left behind series), & C.S. Lewis in this country if not better. There is a large portion of writers that seem to be lost in this country and can't find their voice. They are looking for their audience. They are shouting, working hard and looking for good publishing houses round the world that would pick their work and help them reach their audience. It has become frustrating for so many of them. So many have given up on getting good publishers and have self published their books. The only challenge with this is that when you self publish you still don't have that global platform you thought you will get from the big publishing houses outside the country. So you organise a book launch. Your friends buy your books, people from your place of work or school buy your book, people from your church, mosque and immediate environment buy your book and that is where it ends.

Most publishing houses outside this country look for people with names and established platforms, which makes it extremely difficult for a new author to get published. A major publisher outside this country gets about a thousand manuscripts a day. Because of the bulk of manuscripts being submitted to publishers they return great work without so much as taking a glance at them. No matter how good your manuscript is many publishers will not even put it on the slush pile( non-requested manuscripts are kept lying for months or even years at a time) and that is why Fynom was birthed.

The future of publishing is not in traditional publishing (hard copies and bookstores) but in eBooks, eBook stores and eReaders) hence, Fynom. This is a platform where authors upload their eBooks and people buy directly from it. We also distribute the authors work to the various eBook stores round the world. We help the author with the various stages of publishing to bring out the best in the authors work. This saves the author the pain of looking for publishing contracts. We connect you directly to your audience. We are poised for take off in a few weeks.

More to come from this space.
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  1. Looking forward to doing one or two things with you. Keep it up.

  2. Great. This is a job well done

  3. FYNOM is undoubtedly taking over the world's publishing market. She has concepts and ideas that are not common. I can't wait to be a part of this work. Welldone

  4. Omoragbon Osasu5 June 2013 at 02:58

    FYNOM's arrival is timely, albiet when lots of Nigerian and African Authors in the embryo have been disconcerted with lots of rejections from European and American based Publishers, not because we are not good enough, but because of lots of sentimental biase, I am delighted. For your imminent arrival. I only want to be clear on something, are you basically involved in ebooks alone?

    1. Hello Osasu,
      We only do eBooks. We are a digital publishing and distribution company.

  5. Waiting...great one. Will love to be a part.

  6. This is a welcome development to publishing because most up and coming writers will want to have their books in this format.
    I am waiting to have my own book in the hands of the reading public.